Marc-Etienne Berney

1660 Château-d’Oex



























Services and counselling







Tax returns

CHF 50.00 per tax return, plus
CHF 60.00 per hour
(f.e.: CHF 170.00 for 2 hours)



CHF 90.00 per hour


Office work

CHF 80.00 per hour


Financial counselling

(investments, mortgages, etc.)

CHF 90.00 per hour


Budgets, liquidity planning, debts reduction, etc.

CHF 90.00 per hour






Document translation (E – F – G)

ca. CHF 0.30 per translated word*


Proofreading (E – F – G)

ca. CHF 80.00 per hour*

(min CHF 50.00 per invoice)


Tutorial help for children

CHF 32.00 per hour + travel expenses

2 kids together: CHF 25.00 per person + travel expenses


English language course
(per person)

1 student:    CHF 50.00 per hour

2 students:   CHF 40.00 per hour

3 students:   CHF 30.00 per hour

4 or more:   CHF 25.00 per hour



*prices may vary depending on the difficulty of the task (i.e. technical or specialised vocabulary).







Computer support

CHF 80.- per hour + travel expenses


Website concept and realisation 

CHF 300.- (once), plus

CHF   80.- per hour


Website management and updates

CHF 80.- per hour


Computer courses (per person)

1 student:    CHF 70.- per hour

2 students:   CHF 50.- per hour

3 students:   CHF 40.- per hour

4 or more:   CHF 35.- per hour







All prices are subject to
changes without notice.




Last update: 24.11.2018